Reducing the commission for agents selling OC policies

Reducing the commission for agents selling OC policies, the insurer's own contribution, and reducing the number of people eligible to apply for motor vehicle redress are new ideas to halt the rise in OC insurance rates.

MEPs have no shortage of ideas to halt hikes in the communications policy market when discussing a project being developed within the Sejm Entrepreneurship and Business Patriotism team - he wrote last week "Puls Biznesu". Months have been told about the need to settle compensation for personal injury, but several new ideas have been presented at the last meeting to cure the market.

Debates on the cause and methods of fighting the current situation on the motor insurance market, which loses the sector for the next consecutive year amount to PLN 1 billion, and drivers have to pay even a second to the insurance premium, seem to have no end. The mutual reflection of the ball between the Polish Insurance Chamber and the Polish Financial Supervision Authority only turned up the atmosphere, and in November the Sejm team was formed.

PIU from the beginning blamed all the blame on the unsettled issue of redress. - There is no need for state intervention in the sense of non-standard actions to slow down the price increase. On the other hand, a deliberate legislative intervention in the form of regulations of redress is necessary - explained in the November talk with Jan Grzegorz Prądzyński, President of the Board of PIU. The Supreme Court ruling has made it possible for such a benefit to be extended to a wider group of victims of accidents and, moreover, they could apply for them even after a dozen or so years after the occurrence of the injury. This strongly jeopardized the stability of the motor insurance segment because insurers were increasingly difficult to estimate future payouts. Prądzynski cited cases where the amount of compensation ranged from a few dozen to over 100 thousand. Zł, because the courts have no guidelines on how to set these amounts.

The project developed by the Warsaw think-tank Warsaw Enterprise Institute assumes the fulfillment of the main PIU - introducing into the Compulsory Insurance Act a detailed method of calculation of compensation for benefits resulting from the occurrence of personal injury. According to WEI boss Tomasz Wróblewski, rigid weights should be given to make it possible to forecast future payouts more precisely. In addition, it was pointed out the necessity of drastic limitation of the right to these redress - they could be demanded by the project only living spouses, minors children and parents of children in the traffic accidents. The latter idea met with considerable opposition from the Financial Ombudsman, the Consumer Federation and the law firms.

The Financial Ombudsman defines this idea as a far reaching blow to the interests of the victims. It was pointed out among other things. To exclude other family relationships that should be in this directory - according to the idea of ​​WEI the right to redress would exclude eg adult children, grandparents bringing up children or partners in the relationship.

However, this is not all the options that were analyzed during the Sejm meeting. Among the ideas also appeared the issue of reducing the commission for insurance agents. Mr Adam Abramowicz said that everyone involved in this market should jointly and severally bear the costs of improving the situation. is all about moving away from rigid commissions charged to mobile commissions, which would allow for greater variation in OC policy prices. According to Abramovich, the commission should be dependent on the region in which the intermediary operates and negotiates with the client.
The driver would cover the damage in part from his own pocket

The MPC also considers it necessary to provide insurers with data on drivers available in the CEPiK database, which will allow to better tailor the offer and insurance premium to the customer.

Among the ideas to reduce the OC for customers is also mentioned about the driver's own contribution to the payment of compensation for the injured. The - the driver himself could decide to take part in covering the value of the damage caused in the amount of 1000 zlotys to reduce the premium amount by about 10 per cent.

Recommendation for the development of amendments must still be issued by the government during the parliamentary debates. It is not yet known how the ruling party will opt for such a large list of instruments aimed at reducing or at least halting the increase in OC rates. So far, Prime Minister Beata Szydlo has not been explicit about the government's interference in the matter - this time the government will have to tell the story or against.