Warsaw Chopin Airport

Warsaw Chopin Airport, the largest airport in Poland, in 2016 handled over 12.8 million passengers. That's about 14 percent. more than a year earlier. Travelers also came to other major airports in the country. Forecasts for this year say that passengers will be even more.

A distance of nearly 40 km airport in Modlin 2,016 years ended with a score of 2.86 million travelers. Global Data Mill That's about 10 percent. more than in 2015. It is worth recalling that the airport uses only Ryanair.
The airport in Balice in 2016 handled 4.98 million passengers. Here change year to year was even higher - 18 per cent was recorded. increase in the number of travelers.
In neighboring Katowice-Pyrzowice for the second time in history it exceeded the threshold of 3 million passengers, closing the year with a result of 3.22 million (7 per cent. More than in 2015).
For comparison, Wroclaw Airport last year handled 2.42 million travelers (by 4.3 per cent. More) and Ławica - 1.71 million passengers (about 14 per cent. More against 2015).
The airport in Gdansk did not provide data yet for 2016 years. Last year handled 3.7 million passengers.
New routes and new carriers drive traffic at airports
The head of the Wroclaw airport, Dariusz Kus, believes that this was an excellent year with an impressive finish. - Carriers introduced in 2016 a total of 10 new routes, destinations Global Data Mill southern gaining status all year round, it is also important rich offer on the route Warsaw - lists. And for the Warsaw Chopin Airport 2,016 years meant 40 new directions.

What will 2017 years? Monika Pabisek, a spokeswoman for the airport. John Paul II Krakow-Balice, stresses that the Aviation market this year will affect, among others, geopolitical situation and the increase in fuel prices. Port authorities also expects more passengers, but assumes lower growth - at the level of 4-6 percent.
In turn, the Katowice airport authorities expect a level of 3.5-3.6 million passengers, ie an increase of about 12 percent. Help is at the base expansion Wizzair, new connections since the spring and the new carrier - Dutch Transavia low-cost line.
Chopin Airport hopes that this year the number of passengers could reach 14 million. New connections promise LOT Polish Airlines - Dreamliner aircraft will fly among others Los Angeles to Newark Airport